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Hebahan Buku Baharu : Curries 500

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"Membaca Menyuluh Minda" - Hebahan Buku Baharu

Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Pusat Sumber Maklumat (PSM) telah memperoleh buku baru bersedia untuk rujukan dan pinjaman seperti berikut:-

Judul : Curries 500
Pengarang : Mridula Baljekar
Tahun Terbitan 2011
No. Panggilan : 641.6384 BAL  2011 f
Discover a world of spice in dishes from India, Thailand and South-East Asia, as well as Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean, shown in 500 sizzling photographs. Enjoy an exotic world of hot and spicy delights with this irresistible collection of dishes for the curry connoisseur. Easy-to-follow recipes mean any level of cook can achieve delicious results every time. Includes scorching soups and appetizers, sizzling meat and vegetarian main courses, fiery side dishes, spicy salads, red hot relishes and chutneys, traditional rice dishes and breads. Nutritional information is provided for every dish to help you plan a balanced diet. Everything you need for a family meal or a spectacular curry feast; fully illustrated with a mouthwatering image of every finished dish to guide and inspire you.
Bersama-sama kita membaca memperkayakan minda ... siapa cepat, dia dapat !
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