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Long Term Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015

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Executive Summary

Assalamualaikum and greetings 1Malaysia,

Dear readers, "A thousand mile travel begins with the first step" and to meet this challenge, the book Long Term Strategic Plan 2010 -2015, Department of Broadcasting Malaysia is published to shape the future of this department. The birth and comprehension of ideas among RTM experienced thinker panel (think tank) has produced a detailed review of issues and problems, to complete the phases of this Strategic Plan Direction. The division in this book is in accordance with the contemporary perspective of strategic management consisting of three elements; the design strategies, the implementation strategies and the evaluation strategies. There are nine Divisions in the Strategic Plan of the book; (Section 1) Introduction, (Section 2 - Section 5) Design of Strategies, (Section 6) Implementation Strategies, (Section 7) Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies, (Section 8) Direction of Department of Broadcasting Malaysia and (Section 9) Conclusion. Hopefully the book will benefit the Department of Broadcasting and its people and be a referential document for the management in uplifting the honour of the Department of Broadcasting Malaysia as a world class and leading national broadcasting organization.


Strategic Plan for the period of six years (2010-2015), targets RTM to become a world class national broadcasting institution by adopting the following approaches:

  • Driving the direction for RTM
  • Provide the framework and trace future changes
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Provide guidance for decision making
  • Perfecting and extending the framework in terms of capacity and capability of RTM


RTM Background

The establishment of Radio Malaya began on the 1st April 1946 in Singapore and later moved to the Federal Building, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, Kuala Lumpur in 1956. This was followed by a change in name to Radio Malaysia on 16th September 1963 in accordance with the formation of Malaysia. On 6th October 1969, broadcast operations were moved to Angkasapuri Complex, Bukit Putra, Kuala Lumpur and both Radio and Television services were merged and placed under the Department of Broadcasting, one of the agencies under the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture. As the national broadcasting station, RTM now operates 35 radio stations, two TV stations and recently launched TVi broadcasted through channel 180 Astro and broadband services. Live streaming of RTM radio and TV can also be accessed via its website The main function of RTM is to fulfil the government's social responsibility through TV broadcast services which are free-to-air and partially commercial. Beginning in 2000, RTM initiated digitalization and in 2002 launched its DTTB (Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting) and performed an assessment on the quality of broadcast via digital transmission of two stations, in Ulu Kali and via the Kuala Lumpur Tower. The Cabinet has decided that RTM will continue digitization efforts with the national implementation of digital roll-out in 2012 and analogue switch-off in 2015.

Vision Department

In order to meet the national policy, RTM needs to expand and make necessary changes and transform from various aspects. As an agent of culture and changes, the Department’s VISION, MISSION, SLOGAN and CORPORATE VALUES should be embraced and practised in a sustainable manner:

VISION : To be the country's prime and dynamic organization with a world class broadcast standard in upholding The “1 Malaysia” Concept

MISSION : Dissemination of authentic, accurate and recent information.

SLOGAN : RTM Tetap Unggul (RTM Stay Ahead)


  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Continuing Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Courteous

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