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User's Guide

Website Guide

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How often is this site updated.

Changes, updates, and new materials are posted to this site daily. However, not every page is updated daily.


Preferred Web Browsers

For optimum performance, we recommend that you view our site using the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla. As we develop our site, we continually test and optimize our website for these browsers. You can download the recommended browsers from the following sites:


Browser Plug-Ins

Using a variety of technologies, this website gives you a dynamic web experience that's fast and easy to use. The following plug-ins, all available via free downloads, will help you get the most out of RTM web site:


Text look so small/large and how to make it readable.

For some visitors, our web site may appear to have a different size font than the size they are used to. If this is the case, your web browser might be configured to display text in a larger or smaller font than normal. To adjust the font size, look for the following icon to adjust your text option.


Icon Description

Left side icon - Decrease text size

Middle icon - Default text size

Right side icon - Increase text size

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