Facilities Development Division



To manage and implement new radio and TV facilities and broadcast system for the department in line with the fast-paced evolving broadcast technology.



1. To translate the strategic direction of the department by providing the systems, services and facilities required.

2. Manage the departmental infrastructure development of radio and TV studios and transmitters

3. Collect, record and obtain the consent of the department for all applications on development projects from all units.

4. Apply for funding under the Malaysia Plan and subsequent monitoring of expenditures for projects that were approved.

5. Manage and oversee the implementation of development projects under the Development Budget in accordance with Government regulations.

6. Assists in the preparation of  technical tender documents and evaluation of proposals

7. Implement site review and feasilibility studies for planned transmitter projects and gather technical data of the said sites.

8. Obtain data related to TV and radio projects from users for effectiveness analysis  in preparation for project outcome assessment.

9. Coordinate the requirements for the implementation of activities before, during and after the completion of the project.

10. Prepare reports on the status of project development, financing, either after, before or during the project implementation.

11. To coordinate all activities related to department projects with other agencies, ministries, and contractors.

12. Update the project implementation schedule in the SPPII module

13. Design TV / Radio / News studio system, infrastructure for transmitters stations and acoustic treatment for studio / auditorium.

14. Communicate with all consultants and experts, whether local or overseas in connection with the latest developments in engineering and for the latest project design.

15. Record, store and maintain:-

- As Built Drawings of RTM buildings, studio, transmitter stations.

- Map coverage of TV / FM / MW / SW.

16. Represent the Department at meetings with other departments such as the Economic Planning Unit and Treasury on all development aspects and tasks.



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