Music Services Division



1.  Open up opportunities to Malaysians with talent in music to further develop and expand such talent through the concept Entertain, Educate, Inspire.

2.  Internationalise, sustain and promote the prestige of Orchestra RTM as a legacy through time as the nation's number one orchestra.

3.  Keep RTM unique and relevant through quality musical entertainment programmes for all ages.

4.  Promote and market RTM's music orchestra and home-grown talents in a commercial direction simulataneously ensuring all local music compositions remain and do not disappear with time through the production of CDs, books etc.

5.  Bring RTM to the people through combo and orchestral concerts all over the country, be it in rural or urban locations or institutions of higher learning.



1.  Assist RTM in all matters on music whether in the headquarters or stations nationwide through Orchestra RTM or state combos.

2.  Produce quality music-based entertainment programmes for everyone -- from royalty to the common people.

3.  Produce Orchestra RTM CDs to promote Malaysian and International music, besides producing books on music.

4.  Assist home-grown artistes to further themselves in the music industry.

5.  Organise seminars on music, provide jury services for music talent competitions and give consultancy and advisory services to music-related agencies.

6. Create and produce theme, campaign and patriotic songs and signature tunes for programmes.

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