TV Programme Division




1. To broadcast local programmes of high audio-visual and technical quality to attract television viewers within the country and neighbouring nations that do receive TV1 and TV2.

2. Factoring in competition from private stations, to schedule, present and build up an image through high quality planned programmes to attract more viewers and sponsors.

3. To deliver fast, accurate, timely and latest information besides educating and entertaining.

4. Increase percentage of information and technology-based programmes towards achieving Vision 2020.

5. Increase income from airtime sales through the airing of attractive, quality programmes.

6. Benchmark zero defect for presentation on air.

7. Uphold values of 1Malaysia through the broadcast of more local programmes portraying the "Face of Malaysia".

8. Broadcast attractive quality programmes to attract viewers, advertisers (airtime buyers) and sponsors.


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Radio Televisyen Malaysia
50614 Kuala Lumpur

aduan [at]
Tel: 03 - 2282 5333
Faks: 03 - 2284 7591

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