Management Services Division


Finance and Administration Section

Accounts Unit

Functions of Accounts Unit

1. Process salary and overtime payments.

2. Process Travelling Claims, Requests for Advance and others.

3. Process payment of Bills.

4. Maintain Vote Book.

5. Co-ordinate management of accounts / revenue.

6. Secretariat for the Committee on Finance and Accounts (JPKA).

7. Manage the Department's Trust Accounts.


Functions of Budget Unit

1. Prepare and Manage the Annual Budget and finalise the Budget Agreement Programme.

2. Disbursement of allocations / Preparation of Financial Schedules as per Budget / Action Plan for Allocations and Disbursements.

3. To co-ordinate requests for transfer of allocations and for additional allocations.

4. To monitor Progress and Status of Expenditure, Preparation of the Budget Management Report,Exemption Report, Budget Programme and Performance, Quarterly Expenditure Reports.

5. Secretariat for the Modified Budgetting System (MBS) of the Department / Program Evaluation / Committee on Finance and Accounts (JPKA).


Functions of Procurement Unit

1. Secretariat for Tender Quotations under the Modified Budgeting System for the Department.

2. Co-ordination and checking of requests for Procurement / Checking of requests for Direct Negotiation Procurements and Tender Specifications.

3. To co-ordinate and scruntinize requests in cases of Procurement which do no comply with Procedures under AP 59.

4. Secretariat for the e-Perolehan (eP) Steering and Implementation Committee and tasked with the responsibility of preparing eP status reports before 15th of each month.

5. To prepare the Department's Procurement Monitoring Report on a monthly basis and four times a year for the Ministry and Treasury.

6. Co-ordinate delegation of powers to the Chairman/Members of Quotation Committee and matters related to Finance.

7. Approval of Local Orders for Self-Accounting (PTJ) Secretariat.


Administration Section

Functions of Asset Management Unit

1. Secretariat for the Committee for Asset Management of all movable government assets under the Department (JKPAK).

2. To co-ordinate the delegation of powers / Appoinment of Asset Examining Officers, Examining Board and Investigation Committee, Transportation Officers etc.

3. To co-ordinate and record asset examination / maintenance / Disposition / Loss and Write-offs.

4. Co-ordinate and prepare reports on Assets / Disposition / Surchange Action / Disciplinary Action before 15th March every year.


Functions of Administration Unit

1. To organise bookings of Flights Tickets for official trips / telephones / handphones / meeting rooms and related official correspondence.

2. Manage administrative and service aspects of the Finance / Accounting and Administrative units in term of Leave, Discipline, Performance ; Career Development, MPK and Fail Meja etc.

3. Plan and conduct Courses / Workshops / Planning / Training related to Administrative and Financial Management.

4. Co-ordinate requests for security passes / passes for staff and department vehicles / parking bays/ small-scale workplace repairs / Maintenance and General Cleanliness of the Department Offices and Environment.


Human Resources Section

Human Resouces Managment

Functions of Human Resource Planning and Organisational Development

1. Plan human resource and organisational development in line with policies and planning of JPA.

2. Plan and study requirements for jobs and their specifications, organizational structure and job placement and updating schemes of services.

3. Audit and setting parameters for optimum efficiency of human resources .

4. Manage service data of agency personnel (HRMIS).

5. Co-ordinate the implementation of HRMIS at departmental level.

6. Co-ordinate with JPA regarding implementations of HRMIS.

7. Organise and conduct training of HRMIS applications.


Performance Discipline Management


1. Manage Performance and Annual Evaluation Reports.

2. Co-ordinate and manage panel for salary increments and movements.

3. Management of discipline.

4. Manage and monitor staff asset declaration.

5. Counselling.

6. Management of staff relations and recognition.

7. Management of promotions.

8. Execute and oversee career development and succession planning for schemes of service within the department .

9. Competency management.


Human Resources Section

Functions of Human Resource Development (Training and Career Development)

1. Plan and execute training within and outside the country.

2. Conduct and oversee service and department examinations.

3. Conduct general and Specific Induction Courses.


Functions of Human Resource Operations Unit

1. Manage confirmations in service, job placements and pension status.

2. Manage placement of officers and staff.

3. Organise pension documents and payments based on service procedures.

4. Leave management according to General Orders Chapter C.

5. Manage staff transfers.


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