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Angkasapuri's Directory

Unit Media Baharu BES (Portal, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube)

Name Position Email Phone Fax
Encik Siddiq Pahlawan Mohd Wazir Penolong Pengarah B44 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 03-22821101
Puan Diyana Elmin Penerbit Rancangan B41 03-22887728
Puan Rodzlin Abdul Rani Penerbit Rancangan B41 03-22888475
Puan Jaysree Muniandy Penerbit Rancangan B41
Puan Salwani Mohd Khaidzir Penerbit Rancangan B41
Encik Mohammad Nazar Minhat Penerbit Rancangan B41
Puan Noor Adzlina Ibrahim Penerbit Rancangan B29
Encik Abang Abdul Halim Abang Drasid Penerbit Rancangan B29
Puan Rosnanin Azian Osman Penerbit Rancangan B29
Encik Noor Azmi Zainal Abidin Penerbit Rancangan B29
Puan Nor Amira Binti Roslan Penerbit Rancangan B19